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The story is in Europe in London in 1884, a doctor named Lord Frederick Traves who is walking down the street, he finds the painting in a window of a shop, seeing the painting in detail, saw it was a creature and not a person whose name was the elephant man, the man saw the elephant, but was in a room very dirty, and the local owner who served me and I went to take the creature, Mr. Simons, I call Merrick, a the creature, but could not tell if it was a man or a woman because I had a beautiful hand LADE like a woman on the right side, left side but could not distinguish it seemed that his arm was a foot, his foot LEFT hand, had a encour, tight clothes so it can be noted as was their appearance, and his head had a purses of nuts, which also was dirty, his head was as if the two come out of the mouth bighorn , like those of an elephant, the left side of the face, could not distinguish where the eye was that he fell on the face skin.
Then the doctor tries to convince the owner of the premises, to take you to the hospital which does not mean that it would make him lose the business, the doctor is removed with repugnacion apparently, but the local owner tells you if you like, the end, the doctor delivers his target for If you require something to Merrick.
Merrick, go to the hospital with Dr. Traves, but the next day he sees no more, because the owner of the circus where the dr. saw him for the first time to Merrick, took him on tour the next day and returned the doctor does not see him again, then spent two years there for the doctor to be reunited with Merrick, which was abandoned in belgium, and wine walk from there to London to see the doctor, then from there the editor of times, made a note about his sad life, which manage to convince readers that these will brindarion money to Merrick
Merrick spent much time living in the hospital, he creates a friend, and passes remembering her mother, she discovers that her disease is not contagious or dangerous, it's just a genetic malformation of the skin and bones, but not is DANGER.
His story is so well known that managed to visit the Queen Alexandra I, and then there Merrick achieved be an important person, taken to repeat itself, people will not be laughing but in ela face, now called Lord Merrick, after the queen sent a card of congratulations on his birthday to Mr. Merrick.
With the money collected from the note by the newspaper, manage to make Merrick a house outside the city, in the forest, who loved peace, but one night he went to theater, that she loved him, loved the theater , and took him to see.
But six months later in 1890, at home, Merrick dies broken neck lying on his bed, the weight that had its head.